Tupolev Tu-104A: Double Take.

The Tu-104 was Soviet “fast & dirty” entry into the jet airliner arena. Tupolev employed in their 104 some of the company’s classic Tu-16 bomber; they just designed a new pressurised fuselage and mated it to the Tu-16’s wings, engines, and tail feathers. Noisy, inefficient, cramped, short ranged, well…in summary, not very profitable. Who cares?, they were Communists after all. Prestige above all.
This agressive looking jetliner was the second to enter service (1956), but ironically it became somehow the first to be really successful –the first in service, the Comet, was withdrawn from service after some serious accidents and had to be redesigned.

This Czechoslovakian Tu-104A (OK-NDF) was disguised here as an Alitalia “DC-8-62” to take part in a 1974 or 1975 movie. Curiously they decided to paint “Alitalia” double. Maybe because it looked “more Capitalist” that way.


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