Curtiss SO3C-3 “Seagull”: War Junk.

The Curtiss SO3C was a total and utter catastrophe; a catalogue of stability problems more or less solved, nightmarish maintenance issues, poor performances and a piece of sh#% as a power plant. Even its denomination was a disaster; Curtiss named it the “Seamew”, a name the Royal Navy also adopted yet the US.Navy continued to employ the “Seagull”: the  sobriquet of the aircraft they were to replace. It was precisely those “Seagulls” – SOC’s-, the ones that replaced their replacements -yeah, both chaotic and reiterative.

Lovely pic of the USS Biloxi (CL-80) and its pair of “stripped” SO3C-3’s. The one at the left, the nicknamed “War Junk”, has became quite famous because it has been the subject of a number of models. To be called that as a new aircraft and on its shakedown cruise, well…..


2 thoughts on “Curtiss SO3C-3 “Seagull”: War Junk.

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