Messerschmitt Bf 110C: Free as a Bird.

Great inflight portrait of a Bf 110C pilot, “caged” in such a sturdy yet unobstructed cockpit.

Only one German soldier got away from Allied prisioners of war camps during WW2, von Werra right?. Well, not really…or really not -only von Werra returned to Germany and the war. There was another way. On August 8, 1944 -a few years after he tried to escape precisely with von Werra-, Bf110 9 victories ace Leutnant Walter Manhard (Zerstörergeschwader 76) successfully escaped from Gravenhurst, an Ontario POW camp. During his escape, Manhard was presumed drowned -he disappeared while swimming. Manhard had actually escaped to New York where he decided enough was enough. He merged with the surround, even marrying a Lieutenant in the U.S Navy (!). This “survivor” only turned himself in 1952.

He got away from that war. Smart guy.


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