Blackburn Roc: The Roc-Bottom.

The Roc mas the less fortunate product of the failed British bomber-destroyer “turret figther” concept of the 1930s. The Roc was in essence just the very, very modest Blackburn Skua equiped with a Boulton-Paul turret. It didn’t have a chance; Roc’s performances were a joke and by the time they were available in number it was obvious that those turreted fighters didn’t have a chance against conventional fighters. Only a few of them were put reluctantly in their intended role by the Fleet Air Arm (around late 1939). Soon enough other less hazardous duties were found for them.

Marginal and not pretty things, but those Blackburns sure had something….,at least for me.


4 thoughts on “Blackburn Roc: The Roc-Bottom.

  1. Yep, it was indeed a sort of WW1 remnant. But those “anti-Douhet” turret fighters were unique -no fixed weaponry- and very, very late in conception (the middle 1930s).

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