Lockheed P-38 Lightning: A hell of a storm ahead.

D-Day “stripped” Lightnings.The overwhelming might of Allied airpower during the summer of 1944 in one photo.
Funny how this precious pic remains me that “1942” Arcade video game of the 1980s….I was, as usual, a lousy player.

4 thoughts on “Lockheed P-38 Lightning: A hell of a storm ahead.

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  4. Same as the invasion of Russia by the insane Napoleon Bonaparte proved attacking Russia is suicidal, Napoleon financed his European and African attacks with the money from selling Louisiana to Thomas Jefferson presidency, formerly, the undesirable Fernando of Spain sold Louisiana to Bonaparte, anyone knowing the economical potential of USA must realize war against them is suicide, however, this does not make ‘righteous’ the allied WW I and WW II attacks against Germany.
    If nazis had Poland over in 6 weeks, and France in 4 weeks, the allied ‘rescue’ took years, and destroyed over 80% of Europe.
    Clearly, sometimes firemen are worse than fires. About dictators, there is an Spanish proverb: ‘There is no evil lasting 100 years’.
    USA, Canada, UK, seem ‘nosy’, but not, it can be just a way to get rid of a competitor, to seize as much as they could, for them, or for their friends and ‘fifth columnists’ Please stay home! Agur. Danke. Salut +

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