Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress: Sittin’ on the top of the world.

T/Sgt. Benedict “Benny” Borostowski (401st Bomb Sq, 91st BG), the ball turret gunner of Capt. Oscar D. O’Neil’s B-17F “Invasion 2nd” testing -posing’ with- his Sperry turret. “Benny” was one of the earlier members of the “Mighty Eighth”, the ones who paid the heaviest price -he was luckier than most and ended as a prisioner of war (POW) on 17th of April 1943.

Photo: National Archives and Record Administration, College Park, Mariland.

My very desirable “Summer Spl” re-visit.

Also published as “Master of the sky”, this jewel is not one of the zillionth average books about the Mighty. Both readable and indispensable; Miller sure hits the proverbial Pickle Barrel here….and without the Norden. To read and re-read. By the way, it wins with the re-read, I assure you.


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