Romeyko-Gurko Akula: “Fly At Own Risk”.

Unbeliable Soviet racing aircraft “dreamed” in the late 1930’s. A creation of Daniel A. Romeyko-Gurko, this stunning artifact was quite orthodox in its basic definition; a fixed landing gear low-wing cantilever monoplane powered by a 220hp MV-6 in-line engine. It was its daring shape what took it apart. Evidently name the Akula (Shark), its shows in all their splendor some of the physical qualities of its marine namesake: a menacing mouth (propeller spinner and engine air intake); dorsal fin (that incredible cockpit canopy) and highly-swept vertical stabilizator; and the nice touch of those pectoral fins…wheels spats.
Regrettably, because it never left the drawing board, the Akula never reached its estimated maximun speed of 400km/h (249mph). A sheer pity.

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