ZMC-2 Airship: In & Out.

Inside the superb structure of the Zeppelin Metal Clad-2.

The US.Navy ZMC-2 with its 752 flights (between 1929-1941) is the only really successfully operated metal-clad airship ever built. Apart of that deserved claim of fame, the “Tin Bubble” displayed some very innovative featured; specially its pioneer Alclad construction and “sewed” assembly. Essentially a proof of concept model, the 200,000 ft ZMC-2 proved to be technically a very efective design yet saw no following: the Depression and also US. Navy rigid-airship luckewarm opinions sealed the concept’s fate.

Lovely rearview of the teardrop-shaped ZMC-2 with its cute small stabilizer fins. A beauty it was, through and through.


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