Boeing B-29 Superfortress: 70 years ago today.

August,9 1945. Nagasaki saw the new horror. The great Group Captain Leonard Cheshire (a full alphabet behind) of the RAF acted, with a scientific, as British observer of the 2nd nuclear bombing. Their vantage point was one of support B-29’s -“Big Stink”, a Glenn L. Martin built B-29-40-MO (44-27354).

A maybe overly dramatic -not the event, of course-, 1954 depiction of Raymond Sheppard. In fact “Big Stink” did not get as close as briefed. Its aircraft commander, Major James Hopkins had problems joining up with the rest of B-29’s; as a result Hopkins circled at 39,000 ft instead of the designated 30,000 ft.
Curiously just after he took part in this mission, Cheshire decided to resign and do more worthy things. He said the war as a whole was the cause and not just this episode. In my opinion Nagasaki was just a too horrible icing on the cake….

By the way, 509th Composite Group Silverplate B-29’s had the pair .50 Browning MG’s installed on their tails. Maybe I’m mistaken and this R. Sheppard’s artwork is not about Nagasaki.


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