1910 Henri Farman biplane: “And the winner was….”

Magnificent carte postale of the Semaine d’aviation de Lyon (May 7-15, 1910). These and other event where part the ephimeral Âge d’or of the French aviation started by Wilbur Wright with his stunning flights of late 1908-early 1909. The eventful Lyon air meeting was won by the relatively unknown Charles Van den Born with his pedestrian and trusty Farman biplane.
A real point of interest in this carte postale is the despiction of the “sémaphore” next to the control tower. That device kept spectators informed by signals hoisted in an elaborated mast.

Wilbur: https://elpoderdelasgalaxias.wordpress.com/2013/12/19/wright-a-owners-of-the-sky-ii/


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