Mitsubishi 1MT: Unsuitable at first sight.

The 1MT was a clear example of early interwar Japanese aviation technologies policy: importing foreign products, knowdelge and talents. With a clearly British (Sopwith) lineage, this awkward triplane was designed by Sopwith’s famous designer Herbert Smith. First flown in 1922, it was conceived as a single-seat carrier-borne torpedo bomber. With very questionable flying qualities, this triplane was nevertheless produced in a very short series (around 20). In their very ephemeral service they proved to be definitely useless -capital sin: they were unable to lift their intended torpedoes when operated from a carrier!!.
Hard to imagine this ungainly beast with its huge and clumsy triplane wings -almost sails- operating from one of those windy carrier decks. Poor mechanic, not one of the most enviable jobs.
By the way and if I’m not very mistaken, the 1MT was the only Japanese triplane ever built.

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