Tupolev Tu-120: Way too BIG.

In the 1950s while working in their Tu-95(LAL) nuclear powerplant inflight testbed and the fully operational “119” nuclear powered project, at Tupolev were already looking way far ahead. The Tu-120 (or just “120”) was one of the various astonishing spin-offs of the concept; in this case a supersonic nuclear-powered bomber. With obvious Tu-22 -and project “106”- shades, this beauty was to have a pair of Kuznetsov A-10-2 gas turbines with their reactor placed at the rear of its gorgeously stylish area-ruled fuselaje….as far as posible from the shielded crew’s stations.

The basic nuclear-powered aircraft idea seems, seen today, simply spellbinding….as incredible as the Tu-120’s huge vertical fin.

One thought on “Tupolev Tu-120: Way too BIG.

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