Vought A-7D SLUFF: “Tastes are like arses….

A very proud Tactical Air Command (TAC) pilot -still with a dated “P” type helmet, strange- and his pugnacious Short Little Ugly Fat Fellow (polite form here).

Neither one of the most rational or stylish, I have always found very appealling these “chubby F-8’s”. Looks are, as usual, deceiving. This eminently carrier-borne design was so good that, like the barely prettier F-4’s, they’re adquired by the US.Navy’s premier foe: the USAF.

Not related in any way, yet to me the Boeing X-32 JSF prototype looks a lot like a SLUFF’s lost child. No doubt, that why I really “love” the X-32 too -WTF moment, I know. Sure better than the, in my humble and bizarre opinion, questionable F-35 and its horrible fuselage shape.

…, each one of us have one”.


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