Potez 63: “Tell me what you boast of,….”

These elegant french aircrafts were born to fulfil an ambitious Armée de l’air 1934 multiplace légere de defense requirement. Quite ubiqutous, the basic airframe employed in varios duties with some alterations: basically as fighter, light bomber and reconoissance. The end product proved to be an inherently excellent design; easy to built -not one of French aircraft industry’s forte then- and with wonderful flight qualities. Sadly, the HS14A engine so proudly displayed in this “affiche publicitaire” was Potez 63’s painful Achilles’ heel. Those Hispano-Suiza engines were simply asthmatic technical disasters. They’re later replaced by the more trustworthy, but equaly ailing Gnome et Rhône 14Ms. Too little too late, the damage was already done.

….and I’ll tell you your weaknesses”.


One thought on “Potez 63: “Tell me what you boast of,….”

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