Bugatti 100P: Hot Rod Style.

The incredibly beautiful Bugatti 100P air racer of the inmortal car engineer Ettore Bugatti designed by the no less great Louis de Monge to compete in the 1939 Deutsch de la Meurthe Cup Race. Sadly, challenging technical problems and world events (read that September of 1939) interfered and the Bugatti never had time to prove its potential.
So great is still the Bugatti 100 allure that a group of aviation enthusiasts from Tulsa, Oklahoma have decided to build a full-size flying replica. Named “Rêve Bleu” (Blue Dream), in the 100P replica their builder have taken some liberties (sadly?) with fiberglass, advanced machined alloy fittings, and other modern materials. The engines aren’t either Bugatti type 50’s but Suzuki Hayabusa’s….and what’s a Bugatti without a Bugatti engine on it?. A very commendable effort anyway.

Superb POV -hehe, sorry- of the replica’s cockpit. It clearly shows its American flavor.


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