Breguet XIV B2: Allez !!….,Venez Maintenant !!.

Escadrille BR 111’s Mitrailleur in his Breguet 14 B2 bomber office (a twin Lewis MG’s armed TO 3 tourelle). Villeneuve-le-Roy, Aug-Sept 1918.

When they’re introduced in early 1917 the boxy XIV’s proved to be, at last, what the French crews needed, desperately. After years of archaic pushers (Voisins, Farmans and Breguet-Michelin mainly) and obsolescent Sopwith 1 1/2, they had at hand a powerful and well-armed warplane up to their reconnaissance and bomber tasks. They’re also a fair match to their various foes. This observateur-mitrailleur’s confidence clearly shows.

Photo: Imperial War Museum.


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