Sperry Ball Turret: Just Because.

I know, I know, the Sperry again. Boy, I cant help it…….., just take a look a this stunning drawing.



6 thoughts on “Sperry Ball Turret: Just Because.

    • I was raised by a ball turret gunner. I never thought Dad was any more courageous than anyone else, its not something ya saw in every day life. It took courage for every member of the crew to get on board that aircraft.

      • Of course it took courage to be on board. But you need a really special kind of bravery to sit inside such a tight, claustrophobic, contrived, exposed and vulnerable to enemy fire devise. Just like the German “bathtub” ventral gunners, the Ball gunner’s job was certainly not envied by the rest of the crew.
        Un saludo.

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