Supermarine Seagull (the last one): “Johnny came too late”.

Apart of the incomparable Spitfire, Supermarine’s other main contribution to British effort were the very pedestrian and efficient Walruses and Sea Otters catapult-launched recon and spotter amphibians. Supermarine became bolder with their posible successor. The ultimate Seagull -there was a previous 1920’s Seagull at Supermarine- was a astonishing interesting beast powered by a powerful RR Griffon engine and equipped with a variable angle of incidence wing (pivoting at the front spar) endorsed with high lifting devices. That gave the Seagull a very low stall speed and also a very high maximum speed: it even achieved an amphibian air-speed record.
First flown three years after the end of WW2, these jewels didn’t have a chance….the hideous helicopters were already there to stay. Only two were built.

Gorgeous J.H. Clark’s  cutaway of the first prototype. A third fin in the center was later added after instability in yaw showed its ugly face during the early tests.

Uhmmmm, that engine configuration again…


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