Breguet 460-01 Vultur: “A la española”.

The Vultur was originally conceived as another monstrosity to fulfil that Armée de l’Air chimeric “Multiplace de Combat” concept. “Cleaned” somehow later during the design stage it was turned into a high-speed bomber. To no avail, the Vultur proved to be anything but fast when it first flew in 1935.

Towin’ the monster, the spanish way. Pic taken at Barajas airport in 1935 when the prototype was evaluated by the Spanish AF, with negative results. Ironically this same aircraft later ended taking part in the Spanish Guerra Civil…., then the ideal place to dump flying “rubbish” with huge profits.

A close relative.


One thought on “Breguet 460-01 Vultur: “A la española”.

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