Lockheed F-104G Spillone: “Dear Santa…..”

The Bertone-designed Lancia Stratos HF Zero 1970 concept car. Over 45 years old and still as futuristic-looking as the good ole “Spillone” (“pin”, F-104’s italian nickname).

Photo: Rainer Schlegelmilch.

Boeing B-47E Stratojet: Ride ‘Em Santa.

The gate guard of former Plattsburgh AFB, New York in festive mood. Not the average Stratojet here. “Pride of the Adirondacks” and its crew won top honors among all SAC B-47 in Sept 1965 SAC’s 14th Bombing and Navigation competition (Fairchild AFB, Washington). The so-called “World’s Best B-47” didn’t have too much time to enjoy its status; B-47’s phased out process was in full swing. “Pride of the Adirondacks” took its guard duties in February 1966 …..almost 50 years ago.

Feliz Navidad / Merry Xmas, my friends.

Gribovskii G-17: At a loss for words.

V. K. Gribovskii was a little-known, but prolific, russian (soviet) aircraft designer. Gribovskii’s forte were gliders and light aircrafts. His spellbinding radial-engined G-17 canard project is a mystery (late 1930s, I think). This drawing appears in Bill Gunston’s classic “The Osprey Encyclopedia of Russian Aircrafts”;  with only the “G-17 canard project” quote as info.

Dewoitine D.510: Le Plus Art Déco (III).

Unmistakable the lines of these French interwar fighters.These all-metal, cantilever fixed undercarriage monoplanes were conceived to answer a 1930 operational requirement. Sadly, they came almost too late. The D.500 series were obsolescent by the time they reached operational service in the middle of the 1930s; a sort of utterly elegant transitional fighters.
The more powerful D 510 was the first French fighter to surpass the 400 km/h barrier. This is the  first prototype. The 510’s entered service in Nov, 1936 when the first Spitfires, Hurricanes and Bf 109’s were already in the air…..