NAA F-86F Sabre: Centinelas del Aire.

After years of international isolation and misery thanks to the American Uncle the Dictator Franco’s Spain became of those West’s useful freedom fighters (“but he’s our son of a bitch”, remember). One of the first, obviously, to benefit from situation were the military. The Sabres started in Spain -with the humbler T-33 – the “Era de los Reactores” (jet era). Hard to find a better way to start.

A pair of Torrejón’s Ala 6 de Caza/ 6 Fighter Wing on their way to the Balearic islands. Not very usual to see Spanish Sabres with these Dayglo Orange International painted drop tanks (200 gallons here).

Photo: V.G Moñino.

But wait, there’s more !!!. This magnificent “Air Sentinels” NO-DO documentary about the Ejército del Aire jet pilots. Don’t worry, you don’t miss much if you don’t understand Castilian; just the usual unctuous Francoist yackety-yak.


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