Bristol 197 Brabazon: The White Elephant.

A few post ago I was talking about the DC-3; the aircraft that got all right. The Brabazon in contrast got almost all wrong. The Bristol 197 was conceived by a committee (certainly not a quality guarantee) in the middle of WW2 as the flagship of british postwar civilian aviation. Incredibly gargantuan and technologically risky, the main Brabazon’s problem was nevertheless the woefully dated concepts used during its conception. The technology and infraestructures evolved during the war had “democratized” the air travel yet the Brabazon was built with the same “rich and famous” mindset of the prewar years.

Precious cutaway -very “prewar” also. Notice the passenger meagre number and the huge amount of space “wasted” in their amenities. The elegant, but definitely too thick wing hides eight Bristol Centaurus  radial engines with complicated shafts and gears that drove the propellers. The Brabazon didn’t have a chance against very cheap, efficient and easily available C-54’s/DC-4’s…., only one flew.


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