Deperdussin Racer: Out of Time.

The great Louis Bechereau was the creative mind behind this 1912 iconic aircraft. Powered by an incredible 160hp Gnôme Lambda Lambda two-row rotary engine streamlined with a cute superb spinner and with such a groundbreaking wooden monocoque fuselage (two halves joined to form a unique “shell”, it is hard to believe that this monoplane was conceived less than a decade after the Wrights’ first fight… a time still dominated by Farmans, Voisins and other “box-kitted” things.
The Deperdussin Monocoque was the first plane to crack the 100mph barrier. That speed potential was well-employed to win the Gordon-Bennett Trophy race twice: Chicago (1912) and Reims (1913).

Pic taken at the 1913 event, Reims-Bétheny (aérodrome de Champagne). The winner, Maurice Prévost, if I’m not mistaken.


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