Curtiss YP-37: Spit & Polish.

The XP-37 was, like the XP-40, a liquid-cooled derivative of the P-36 Hawk family. The more radical of the two, the XP-37 was equipped with a turbosupercharged Allison V-1710 engine to enhance its high-altitude performances- the XP-40 had a conventional and less efficient gear-driven supercharger. There’s another main difference between the two P-36’s offsprings. The cockpit in the XP-37 was situated well back, near the vertical tail surfaces, in order to improve balance…., the pilot vision sure was NOT improved with that feature.
The XP-37 lost the competition against the already mentioned XP-40 (the eventual winner) and the Republic AP-4; its troublesome turbosupercharger didn’t help much. Anyway, the concept proved enough tempting and thirteen of the slightly improved YP-37’s were ordered.

Lavish prewar Kodachrome photo. Magnificent nose job with that elegantly designed turbo air intake. White coated and suitably hatted.


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