AISA (INTA) HM-1B: Dead Man Flyin’.

This very “Spartan” two-seat primary training monoplane was designed during the early 1940s by a team headed by Pedro Huarte-Mendicoa (the “HM”) in the Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Aeronáutica (INTA). The “B” model differs for the original HM-1 in having an enclosed cockpit. Near 200 were produced by Aeronáutica Industrial SA (AISA) in the early 1950s. The Ejército del Aire (Spanish AF) employed them until just before the end of the decade. The basic design was also developed into various unsuccessful variants; a four-seater, floatplane, etc.
The HM-1B didn’t claim a lot of “lovers” thanks to their low quality manufacture and specially because of the questionable and even dangerous behaviour on the air. These primary trainer earned a pair of not very flattering sobriquets: “La Monda” (a joke) was one, and the even worse “H-ombre M-uerto” (dead man)…

They did fly as we can see in this lovely performed “rotura” (break). Near the Academia General del Aire (AGA) of San Javier (Murcia), 1953.


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