Kyūshū Q1W Tokai: The “Junkers-ito”.

This small Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) aircraft has one serious claim of fame: the Tokai (Eastern Sea) is the first purpose-built anti-submarine aircraft. First flown in Sep.1943, the Tokai entered service in late 1944/early 1945. The main attribute of this design was its long range, sadly the lack of power of its necessarily frugal 610hp Hitachi Amakaze engines was also its Achilles’ heel. In service they proved to be easy prey due to their poor performance and meagre defensive armament. Only around 150 were produced and they were mainly employed as ship convoy escorts in the utterly dangerous Formosa-China-Japan area.

Yep, the people of the Kyūshū Hikoki K.K. “Made in Japan-ned” the Junkers Ju 88.


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