CAC Boomerang CA-13: Returning Love.
Photo: Temora Aviation Museum’s airworthy CA-13 Boomerang.

The cute Boomerang fighter was first combat aircraft wholly designed and built in Australia. Wartime conditions and the dire situation of Australia early in the war soon saw the need of a certain aircraft production self-reliance. Designed with the know-how acquired with the CAC Wirraway and powered by the fiable and available Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp, the Boomerangs soon proved to be a very decent fighting machines. Granted, not as first-line fighters, but as very useful light ground attack aircraft.

I must confess I’m a total Boomerangs’ fan; madly in love with their very-British “Pineapple” flame dampers.


2 thoughts on “CAC Boomerang CA-13: Returning Love.

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