LUSAC-11: Above & Beyond.

The “Lepère United States Army Combat-11” was a two-seat fighter manufactured -less than 30 were built- during the last year of the Great War by the Packard Motor company to the design of French Captain George Lepère. The few built didn’t saw service in their intended role; some were used as liasion aircraft and others as test planes.

Over McCook Field (1919). Pictured in this magnificent photo is a specially modified LUSAC-11. Equiped with a high-compression 425hp Liberty engine and flown by Lt. Rudolph “Shorty” Schroerder it’d achieved a altitude of 28,900 ft in 1918. Modified again, this time with a General Electric turbosupercharger, Schroeder set an altitude record of 33,113 ft.

Photo: USAF.


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