Martin-Baker MB.2: M-anificently B-rilliant.

The MB.2 was a very clever British private-venture fighter prototype built in the late 1930s by the now famous Martin-Baker company. A little dated with its classic construction methods and “trousered” fixed landing gear, but with some very efficient ideas about the installation of systems; easy of manufacture and repair; … etc. Of real interest, to me at least, is the unlikely engine chosen: the air-cooled Napier Dagger III HIM with its 24-cylinder H-type configuration….a great question mark in this fighter. The Air Ministry didn’t took the gamble, they already had the proven Hurricane/Spitfire combo. Only an unique prototype was built. Anyway, the Martin-Baker persevered in the fighter business, sadly with the same luck.

This stunning piece of model art is, without doubt, a fine tribute to the squared beauty of the MB.2.


One thought on “Martin-Baker MB.2: M-anificently B-rilliant.

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