Vought XF6U-1 Pirate: The Aviators yawned.

The forgettable Pirate was Vought’s first jet and the worst of the early American jet fighters. A small, woefully underpowered, uninspired straight-winged fighter. First flown in 1946 and technically outdated and troublesome from the very beginning, the Pirate only claim of fame was it was the first production aircraft equipped with an afterburner…and that only in order to palliate its lack of power. It, obviously, never came close to being operational: the US. Navy only bought a bunch…., they threw their money.

The Pirate’s first prototype in all its “splendour”. Still lacking the horrible tail modifications later found necessary, and just to be less disastrous. I must confess I’ve always felt affection for the Pirate: so toylike.


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