Aefer Ariete: Che bel culo!!

After experiencing with their Sagittario 1 and 2 (Archer) -the later was the first Italian aircraft to break the sound barrier in controlled flight- the Aefer company turned serious. Their Ariete (Ram) was a refined Sagittario 2; what they thought it was needed to produce a useful interceptor or light fighter. To no avail, only one of the two intended prototypes was completed and flown.

Seen here next to the Sagittario 2 at the AMI Museum (Vigna di Valle, Roma).  The Ariete was a peculiar twin jet fighter: a very mundane RR Derwent engine (its exhaust just seen under the fuselage) plus an “auxiliar”  RR Soar RS.2 in its tail to improve its climbing and speed performances. The Soar was fed by a dorsal retractable intake.

È proprio adorabile!!


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