Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat: Need for Speed.

Daryl Greenamyer’s life is made of the stuff every boy dreams. A former USAF pilot; SR-71’s Lockheed test pilot; record holder with both pistons (F8F-2 Bearcat) and jets (F-104), he tried unsuccessfully to fly(!) a forgotten B-29 out of Greenland crash-landed in 1947, successful Unlimited Class air racer,……and even a drag racing car operator.

Here his two stallions sponsored by that macho’s beverage. In 1969 with N1111L, then known as “Conquest I”, Greenamyer broke the Messerschmitt Bf 209’s 30 year old FAI speed record with a speed of 777.38km/h (483.04mph). His other “Smirnoff” was a AA/FD gasser, one of those startling “slingshots” powered by screamy highly souped-up Chryslers.


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