Hawker Typhoon Mk.IB: Second chance winner.

The Typhoon was designed to replace the household Hawker Hurricane in the medium/high interceptor role. In that it proved to be a dismal failure due it teething structural problems and original wing design decisions. Notwithstanding that all was not lost. Such powerful and sturdy airframe wasn’t wasted; the RAF had very important duties to be filled y them. Ironically, in one of those new avenues the Typhoon found itself replacing the Hurricane again, but now as a low-level fighter bomber. The rest is history.

Superlative photo and document. As its quote says: “Wing Commander R E P Brooker, the No. 123 Wing Leader, takes off from Thorney Island, Hampshire, in his Hawker Typhoon Mark IB, MN570 ‘B’, with seven more Typhoons of No. 198 Squadron RAF, on a sortie over the Normandy beachhead. They attacked and destroyed several German armoured vehicles on the Caen-Falaise road”. They sure have the appropiate tools: with those rockets a simple Typhoon had “..a firepower equivalent to a destroyer’s broadside.”

Photo: Imperial War Museum collection.


3 thoughts on “Hawker Typhoon Mk.IB: Second chance winner.

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