I.Ae.24 Calquín: Eagles Attack.

This Argentinian “Royal Eagle” was a tactical bomber appeared just after the end of WW2. Obviously inspired by the iconic DH Mosquito, and also of wooden construction. It was also intended to be powered by RR Merlins, but the Calquín had to do with the definitely more draggy and less powerful Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasps. First flown in 1946, this chubby “Mosquito” proved to be a quite useful asset but also showed serious stability problems. Around a hundred were built and they served until 1960. Regrettably, fifty Calquín’s crew members died in the process.

Lovely artwork of the flour sacks low-level attack perpetrated by these charming looking aircraft at the BAM Morón during an exercise.

Artist: Exequiel Martínez. Source.


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