Breguet 521 Bizerte: Just too good.

Magnificent French long-range reconnaissance flying boat of the late 1930s. These sturdy machines were derived from a 1920s British design, the Short Calcutta. 37 Bizertes were built the last one produced in 1940. So useful were these already obsolescent flying boats that the German used the ones the captured, and even purchased more from the Vichy France. In fact, the Bizerte had the “distinction” of being the only French type to be used operationally in first line duties by the Luftwaffe. Three Seenotstaffel (Air-Sea Rescue Squadrons) operated around 30 of them until 1944.

Simply outstanding inflight photo of some French operated examples. These glorious machines had one the most lovely pugnacious nose affair I’ve ever seen.


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