Fokker V.8: Doubling the stakes.

German WW1 multiplane craziness Wacko level. After his successful Dr.I triplane, the always empirical Anthony Fokker -for the good and the bad- decided that why not more wings. Against the desires of the real technical brain of the company, Reinhold Platz, Fokker took his unsuccessful V.6 triplane repositioned the triplane wings and added just behind the cockpit a second set of biplane wings producing in the process this bizarre quintuplane. The first flight at the hands of Fokker himself in October 1917 was enough to show how wrong he was. Stubborn he persevered with a second flight undertook after some modification, to no avail.

Well-known pic of this bold contraction. He should have used two sets of triplane wings….., while he was at it.


3 thoughts on “Fokker V.8: Doubling the stakes.

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