Breda Ba.65 K-14: Looking the part.

The purposeful-looking Ba.65 was a late 1930’s ground attack of fairly up-to-date conception for that era. This single-engined monoplane was used by the Italians during the Spanish Guerra Civil (the Aviazione Legionaria) later the Regia Aeronautica employed them in the North African area during the early part of World War II. Retired in 1941 when it was obviously already obsolete, these Bredas only remained for that long in service because its potential replacements were total disasters.

Image taken from a “Ala d’Italia” magazine of 1938. An initial production aircraft of 50° Stormo with its gorgeously cowled Isotta-Fraschini (Gnôme-Rhône) K-14 radial engine and FIAT (Hamilton-Standard) prop. Very convincing 12.7mm (inner) and 7.7mm (outer) Breda-SAFAT machine guns. Some teeth there.


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