Douglas B-18A Bolo: If you can’t be good be colorful.

A magnificently detailed look at the unique nose configuration of the B-18A. In comparison with the Bolo’s previous variant the bomb sight and gunner turret positions were reversed with this lovely bizarre result.

6 thoughts on “Douglas B-18A Bolo: If you can’t be good be colorful.

  1. The Bolo symbolizes so much how unprepared were the Western democracies at the start of WWII just like the Fairey Battle were over Belgium in 1940.

    • Both designs and concepts were obsolete in more than one way before WW2, not terminal though. There were also Spitfires, Bostons, Wimpies, …and my other strong assets bakin’ in their ovens.

  2. One thing the B-18 had going for it was, low cost. That turned out to be critical in later years, since more pilots could hone their craft in long range flights. Many of those prewar pilots went on to command positions in the WWII Bomber Command. You should feature the dramatic overhead view of the fallow on Douglas B-23 Dragon. It was such a beautiful airplane, that Howard Hughes bought most of the survivors for high speed executive transports!

    • Indeed, I commented something about that in a previous B-18’s post. The B-23 still waits a place here, a beauty it was…quite obsolete when it appeared, but a gem anyway.

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