Republic P-47D “Jug”: 100% All-American.

Fighter ace Major David C. Schilling (22½ kills) of the 8th Air Force, 56th FG as a good American never have enough gun power…., even with the eight .50 Browning of his “Jug”. He is showing off here his personally customized .45ACP M1911A1 full-auto conversion with its extended magazine and forward vertical grip taken from a large knife. He was inspired apparently by a similar custom M1911A1 used by the gangster John Dillinger.

B-3 “Mae West”, a natty scarf, the inmortal A-2 jacket and what looks to me like the equally iconic Bancroft made “crusher cap”.
Ready for anything.


2 thoughts on “Republic P-47D “Jug”: 100% All-American.

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