Statler Air Wildfire: “Don’t forget to take your Supervitamins and Superminerals!”

Since its revival in the 1960s the Unlimited Air Racing Class has been dominated by highly souped-up WW2 fighters, mainly P-51s and F8Fs. The concept of the Wildfire originated in the middle 1970s when some friends decided to think outside the box. Instead of massive and fragile power they chose to follow a formula where a decent and trusty power plant, low drag and light weight were the main ingredients. Taking advantage of modern aerodynamic technology available and using a ubiquitous North American T-6 fuselage/inner wing, they incorporated a completely new outer wing and tail of their own design. Thinking cheap the R2800-97W engine and Hamilton-Standard propeller were obtained from a Convair T-29 bought in a surplus auction -with the two engines they made one. Wildfire’s first flight took place on October 20, 1983. After that, well….., promises, announcements (the latest in 2004) and then silence.

Still waiting for him to come and save the day.


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