Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX: Love at first sight, my friends.

According to Giles Whittel, the author of the very decent “Spitfire women of WW2″ book. this stylist Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) was Joan Soroer. Such an incredible class; those shades are simply stupendous. That archetypical Spitfire rear-view mirror is the icing on the cake. Between two loves here.

Photo taken from the article “Work of the Ferry Pilots” of the Picture Post of Sep. 1944.

Photo: Leonard McCombe.



7 thoughts on “Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX: Love at first sight, my friends.

  1. Don’t think so. I know Dunlop was the main vedette in that article, but the woman in this pic doesn’t look like her to me. After some Goggle-ing, I found that this photo of her and 2 others in the serie belong to the all-powerful Getty Images. She appears there as unidentified, so I preferred to quote it that way.
    Here is the another pic of her, and to me she is not Maureen Dunlop.

    Another pic of her at Getty:

    Another unidentified lady at that Picture Post article by the same photographer. This one doesn’t like Dunlop either. 😉

    • By the way, I’ve reading carefully your comment and I think you’ve misunderstood me: the other Spitfire pilot pic I linked -the one she is ready to climb into the cockpit- was also quoted as a “A ferry pilot of…”, not as Maureen.
      And your pic of the Daily Mail also appears in Getty just as “A ferry pilot..”

  2. I think you’ve misunderstood me: the lady I linked climbing that Spit was quoted by Getty as “a ferry pilot of..” not as Maureen; just like the gorgeous variation of “my” photo you’ve linked.., also “a ferry pilot of…” in Getty.
    All in all, not being 100% sure of her identity (..and I’ve searched and searched, I assure you) I’ve decided just to put “lady of the Air Transport Auxiliary” because in the end that was what she was….Maureen or not.

  3. Now that you mention it, better safe then sorry! Unfortunately, looking at the photographer, Leonard Mccombe, he did some amazing photography, but was very sloppy when it came to giving credit to his subjects. Then again, a mystery women never hurt any one!

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