Reindeer Airliner: “Ass Antlers”.

Just re-visited the very decent “No Highway in the Sky” (1951) movie. James Stewart as a seriously absent minded American “boffin” working in the Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE). The story goes around how a metal fatigue problem he’s discovered on a brand new airliner has gone unnoticed and his quest to prevent a catastrophe.
Apart of Stewart’s usual flawless performance the most interesting thing of this movie is, of course, the Reindeer airliner. The Reindeer looks, even then, quite dated -like something out of a sci-fi serials of the prewar years. The supposed metal fatigue problem was located in the tail and it’s there were the tour-de-force of the Reindeer design was placed: with its outrageous fishy shape and with that bizarre biplane horizontal stabilizer units.

Not sure of what James Stewart, who rose to the rank of Brigadier General in the USAF, could have been thinking here….


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