Convair XFY Pogo: Guilty as charged.

Could I run out of reasons why to share more things about the Pogo?. No way, just too dazzled by its audacity. The whole concept sounds crazy seen with the 20/20 hindsight of nowadays, yet that’s precisely what made those “convoy protectors” irresistible.

I cannot guaranty that further “offenses” won’t occur.


13 thoughts on “Convair XFY Pogo: Guilty as charged.

    • I wasn’t so lucky, or maybe I was. When I was a kid I made a Pogo “model” -you couldn’t really call it that- with plastiline and toothpicks….it flew a lot.

  1. “The Lindberg 1/48 “Pogo” kit was firt issued in 1956 as kit number 526, the box contained 23 injection moulded parts in silver-gray plastic with a clear canopy part, intruction sheet and decals for the only aircraft built. The kit was updated in 1987 adding the board ladder and new decals, increasing to 32 the number of the parts.

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