Consolidated B-24H Liberator: Citizen Soldier’s Armor.

An aircrew of the 455th Bombardment Group, 743rd Bomb Squadron (15th AF) standing in front of the B-24H Liberator “TePee Time Gal” at San Giovanni Airfield (Foggia), Italy, 1944-45.
He -according to some sources it’s Major David G. Bellemere- is wearing a sample of typical late-WW2 USAAF bomber clothing. Of interest are the M-1 or M-2 armor vest (the later used by “armor-seated” crews), M-3 armor apron and M-3 flak helmet -that helmet was worn over an A-11 helmet, B-8 goggles and A-14 oxygen mask. Our friend shows his healthy individualism with those neat 1940 Pattern RAF boots.
The Americans, as usual, always overkill with any kind of gear. Better safe than sorry.

Photo: USAAF.


5 thoughts on “Consolidated B-24H Liberator: Citizen Soldier’s Armor.

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