CASA C-207A Azor: A pair of Madrileños in the Islas Afortunadas.

This aircraft was the little success achieved by Construcciones Aeronáutica SA (CASA) after years of trying clumsily yet hard. The Azor was designed for the internal civil market scaling up, basically, the household mediocre C-202 Halcón. Taking in consideration the Spain poor internal demand and its lack of pressurization, the C-207 had few chances: it received no civil orders. The Ejército del Aire (Spanish AF) came gladly to the rescue. Still employing decrepit Spanish-built He 111 transport derivatives and Ju 52, the military had few to lose. They acquired both two prototypes and ordered 20 production aircraft in two series. The Azores served decently until the early 1980’s. You couldn’t have asked more of them.

Gando AB (Canary Islands), 1973. A 351 Escuadrón Azor (Getafe AB) with its curious “Canadian livery” and an ancient KC-97L of the 123 Escuadrón (Torrejón AB) in background starting its engines.  Not on vacation, I guess.

Photo: Günter Grondstein.


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