Sud-Ouest SO.6000 Triton: La Résurgence, peu à peu.

This head of mine. I have almost forgotten that 70 years ago France entered the jet age. It was in November 11, 1946 when the pretty SO.6000.01 Triton made its first tentative flight at the Orléans-Bricy aerodrome. The Triton was conceived in secrecy by Lucien Servanty under the Germans’ noses. Designed more by intuition than with up-to-date knowledge, the SO.6000 was a really singular aircraft. For instance, it had a generous fuselage in order to accommodate a yet undecided jet engine of unknown size. In the end, the first prototype employed a liberated Junkers Jumo 109-004 engine -the rest of the prototypes used the bulkier, more powerful and safer Rolls-Royce Nene.
From a definitely modest flight of 10 minutes and a maximum of 300 km/h to nowadays Rafale….., quite a journey.

Appeared both around the same time, a Nene-engined Tritons (with interim flush side-intakes) sharing the limelight here with one of the just two Panhard et Levassor Dynavia cars built. Both two just prototypes, but France sure showed promise.

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