Northrop M2-F2: On his throne.

The larger than life NASA engineer and test pilot Milt Thompson in the office of the extremest Lifting Body aircraft ever tested by NASA during the late 1960s/early 1970s. Thompson was heavily envolved in the whole concept from the very beginning. In fact, he became the first person to fly a lifting body, the lightweight NASA M2-F1, and later he made the first five flights of the all-metal M2-F2.

Milt Thompson ready from some action. He wears the usual pretty neat TOPTEX flight helmet and a MS22001 oxygen mask. NASA has always been a very clean outfit.

Photo: NASA.


3 thoughts on “Northrop M2-F2: On his throne.

  1. Of course, the M2-F2 was immortalized in the opening credits for The Six Million Dollar Man! The real pilot, Bruce Peterson lost vision in his right eye, but other wise made a full recovery, albeit, without any bionics.

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