Northrop M2-F2: On his throne.

The larger than life NASA engineer and test pilot Milt Thompson in the office of the more drastic of the Lifting Bodies aircraft tested by NASA in the late 1960’s/early 1970’s. Thompson was heavily envolved in the whole concept from the beginning.In fact, he became the first person to fly a lifting body, the lightweight NASA M2-F1 and later he made the first five flights of the all-metal M2-F2.

Milt Thompson ready from some action. He wears the usual pretty neat TOPTEX flight helmet and a MS22001 oxygen mask. NASA has always been a very clean outfit.   Photo: NASA.


3 thoughts on “Northrop M2-F2: On his throne.

  1. Of course, the M2-F2 was immortalized in the opening credits for The Six Million Dollar Man! The real pilot, Bruce Peterson lost vision in his right eye, but other wise made a full recovery, albeit, without any bionics.

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