Heinkel He 57: Very alone.

The pretty He 57 was designed in the late 1920’s strictly for civil passenger use. This amphibian floatplane had a nicely streamlined aluminium fuselage for a crew of two and for 4 passengers in a spacious cabin. All in all a gorgeously elegant design. First flown in 1929, a very bad year for any business, the He 57 found no takers. Only an unique prototype was built.
The He 57 has a 450hp Pratt & Whitney Wasp radial was mounted over the wing centre section on a welded steel-tube cabane. Not the one of the most aesthetically pleasing or efficient, but….


3 thoughts on “Heinkel He 57: Very alone.

  1. What a shame only one was made! A very beautiful amphibian, kind of a baby Douglas Dolphin look to it! Just shows what a good design they were, since they were designed at roughly the same time, with no knowledge of each other!

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