Bristol Beaufighter Mk.X: From the Office (II).

The “Beau” in one of its various natural elements. Conducted by one of those usually fearless Polish guys. The Beau’s pilots had such a grandstand view.

Magnificently dynamic artwork by the Italian master Pino Dell’Orco.


9 thoughts on “Bristol Beaufighter Mk.X: From the Office (II).

  1. Found on the Internet

    And then came an awful stab in the back.

    In 1945, as the war moved to its end, Britain had to accept the Red Army taking over the liberated Poland and becoming part of the Stalin’s communist bloc, swapping one dictatorship for another.

    Poles who had fought bravely in the hope of one day returning to their homeland found themselves on the wrong side of history.

    They were devastated, not least when the incoming Labour government, for fear of upsetting Stalin, banned Polish units from the official victory parade of Allied servicemen through the streets of London — the city they had fought to defend.

    One forlorn pilot stood in the crowd on the pavement, weeping.

    The historian Zamoyski writes that the end of the war ‘made a nonsense of the fine words and illusions conjured up to help win it and filled those who fought it with mixed feelings.

    ‘From being indispensable, they were suddenly redundant. The risk they took and the sacrifices they made were never fully understood, let alone appreciated.’

  2. In fairness, the victory parade was held on 8 June 1946, Churchill lost the election and redesigned 5 April 1945. He did want to go to war with the Russians to free Poland among others! Personally, I am glad he didn’t, since I probably wouldn’t be typing this.

    • True, Operation Unthinkable….., but while Winston was rummaging that unthinkable «dream» of his he was also coldly realpolitk-ing the Poles whithout any class. In 1946 he was gone, true, but that policy remained. The shameful parade was a result of that.

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