Farman III (1909): Out of reach.

The Farman III was the first “Farman” really built by Henry Farman in 1909 -he had been bought the other two from the Voisin brothers. A world-beating design, this basic design saw countless imitators. In fact, the aircraft produced with its general layout were generally referred as of the “Farman” type.

Taken at the Los Angeles International Air Meet of 1910, the subject of this superb photo was one of the more famous Farman III’s users: Louis Paulhan. While he was touring America with one pair of Bleriots and another of Farman III’s, Paulhan was invited to take part in the various contests of that meeting. He proceeded to win them all and a nice sum of $19,000. The photo depicts Paulhan setting up a new altitude record of 4,164ft; a huge improvement over his own previous record of just 1,900ft.


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